Chris Rush Cohen

Advanced Cicerone & Beer Consultant

Chris Cohen is a San Francisco based Certified Cicerone. He can help you take your beer service & knowledge to the next level.

Old Devil Moon® was initially a San Francisco based beer event production company created by Advanced Cicerone Chris Cohen. Chris is also the founder of the San Francisco Homebrewers Guild, creator of the Beer Scholar Study Guides for the Cicerone Exams, and works as a beer consultant for bars and restaurants in the Bay Area. Old Devil Moon (ODM for short) produced beer pairing dinners, beer tasting events, and beer brewing classes in San Francisco with the ultimate goal of opening a bar that serves only the very finest beer. The dream is real! Thanks to a great partnership between Cicerones Chris Cohen, Andrew Kelley, Ericka Schell, and long time beer geek Will Marshall, Old Devil Moon has opened at 3472 Mission St, San Francisco, CA. Come visit us for a killer beer selection, cocktails, po boys & hush puppies, and a sunny patio! See you there!

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