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Advanced Cicerone & Beer Consultant

Chris Cohen is a San Francisco based Certified Cicerone. He can help you take your beer service & knowledge to the next level.


If you want to raise your beer game by becoming a Certified Cicerone, I can help you pass the test! My Beer Scholar Study Guide for the Certified Cicerone Exam is the best guide on the market, it has already been used by dozens of people to pass the exam. You're spending nearly $400 just to take the Certified Cicerone exam, get the Guide and ensure you pass! 

If you want more information on The Beer Scholar Study Guide for the Certified Cicerone Exam, click here.

I also did an AMA ("ask me anything") on Reddit's r/beer page, which you can find here: I wrote a study guide for the Cicerone exams. AMA. It's got all the answers you could ever want about the Cicerone program and the Beer Scholar Study Guides!

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Beer Scholar launches first study guides on the market for the Cicerone Certification Program® exams

A KickStarter campaign to raise money for the Beer Scholar Study Guides for the Cicerone Exams launched during San Francisco Beer Week 2014.

(San Francisco, CA) - Beer Scholar has launched a KickStarter campaign to introduce their new study guides for the Cicerone Certification Program’s Certified Beer Server and Certified Cicerone® exams. They are the first study guides for the Cicerone Certification Program exams to hit the market. These comprehensive study guides include all the information needed to pass the exams in an outline format that follows the Cicerone Program’s syllabi, plus chapters on what to expect on the tests, how to study effectively, how to approach the tasting portion of the Certified Cicerone® exam, and tips and tricks. The Beer Scholar KickStarter campaign is raising funds to professionally print the guides and to help with the creation of additional products, including flashcards and practice tests for the Certified Cicerone® exam.

The Certified Beer Server exam costs $69 to take. Beer Scholar is offering a digital study guide for $10 that contains everything needed to pass. The more intense Certified Cicerone® exam has a passage rate of just 1 in 3 and costs $345 to take. It’s an easy decision for exam takers to purchase a Beer Scholar study guide to help get them past the bar. Beer Scholar Study Guides for the Certified Cicerone Exam are available for just $30 during the KickStarter phase of the study guide launch, the price will go up afterward. According to study guide author and Beer Scholar principal, Chris Cohen, “these study guides are the key to unlocking the Cicerone program exams, they’re the comprehensive study guides I wish I had when I took the tests, until now there haven’t been any on the market.”

When asked who should be interested in the Beer Scholar Study Guides for the Cicerone Certification Exams, Chris replied, “if you love beer and want to learn more about it, if you want to follow your passion and move into the beer industry, if you're already in the industry and want to raise your game, or if you just want some serious beer geek bragging rights, the Cicerone exams are a great option.” The Cicerone Certification Program, launched by beer guru Ray Daniels in 2007, has rapidly become the industry standard certification. The online Certified Beer Server tests for a basic level of knowledge that everyone in the beer industry should, but does not, have. The in-person Certified Cicerone® exam is an intense test that includes written, tasting, and demonstration portions. “Certified Cicerones” are considered among the most beer-knowledgeable people in the industry. Top beer bars, distributors, and breweries are seeking to hire these dedicated and beer-smart individuals.

Beer Scholar is the San Francisco based company behind the Beer Scholar Study Guides for the Cicerone Program Exams. The Beer Scholar was founded in 2014 by Chris Cohen, a Certified Cicerone®, Certified BJCP judge, contributing beer writer for Serious Eats, and founder of the San Francisco Homebrewers Guild, SF’s biggest homebrew club. Chris distilled dozens of books into his comprehensive Beer Scholar study guides, he wants to help you crush the exam.

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