Chris Rush Cohen

Advanced Cicerone & Beer Consultant

Chris Cohen is a San Francisco based Certified Cicerone. He can help you take your beer service & knowledge to the next level.

Chris can take your beer service to the next level

Need a one-time beer menu makeover? Want to update your beer menu on a seasonal basis? Do your employees need training on how to pour beer properly, how to talk about your beers, and what beers to recommend for pairings with dishes? 

I can help you with these problems in a way that's easy, cost-effective, and will help set your bar or restaurant apart from those that do not give beer the respect it deserves. See below for some of the services I offer. Got an idea you don't see there? Let's talk about it, email me at



Beer Menu Consultation

The days are rapidly coming to an end when a restaurant or bar that takes its beverage program seriously can offer a list of supermarket beers. You need more than a few light lagers plus a Guinness, Chimay, or Pale Ale/IPA for customers desiring a more flavorful option.

Today's beer drinkers are seeking flavorful craft beers. At finer establishments they will expect the beer list to be as carefully curated as the food and wine list, as well as servers who can make smart pairing recommendations. Give your customers a diverse list of bottle and tap options, both local and imported, that will have them telling their friends about your top notch beer selection. 

Chris is familiar with distributors and brewers, he can help you create a beer menu that fits your business's personality and will wow both beer lovers and discerning diners. Ideally, Chris will work with your bar or restaurant on a quarterly basis to keep your menu fresh and seasonal, as well as keep it up to date for special releases and rapidly changing craft beer trends.

Staff Training

People who know beer notice when bartenders or servers use the wrong glasses, submerge the beer faucet in the glass as they pour, or waste beer by pouring it out of the glass so there's no head left when the glass comes to the customer. These simple mistakes may be acceptable down at the corner dive bar, but they don't make the grade for a sophisticated bar or restaurant that takes beverage service seriously. 

Chris trains restaurant and bar workers in beer service skills. He can get your staff up to speed on how to talk about and describe beer to customers, which beers to recommend with dishes, how to properly pour beer from bottles and draft, how to properly store beer, proper draft system cleaning, which glassware to use, and how to ensure glassware is "beer clean."

Chris can teach your staff everything they need to know to pass the Certified Beer Server® test. Your customers will notice the difference when you take beer service seriously. 


Group Tastings and Beer Education 

There are a heck of a lot of different styles of beer out there, each with its own distinct flavor and aroma profile, it's own history and geography, and it's own fabulous culinary pairings. Learning about beer can be a ton of fun, especially if you have a knowledgeable guide. In addition to my beer knowhow, I have years of event coordination experience and especially enjoy organizing group tastings. Let me take you and your friends on a trip around the world's beer styles! Choose from any of the world's great brewing traditions such as Belgian beers, Trappist and Abbey styles, sour ales, English ales, German lagers, or even styles from the West Coast of the good 'ol USA.

If you're interested in training to take the Certified Beer Server exam or the Certified Cicerone exam, I can help you with a course of study and classes that will put you on the right track. Contact me for more information at (don't be shy!).

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