Chris Rush Cohen

Advanced Cicerone & Beer Consultant

Chris Cohen is a San Francisco based Certified Cicerone. He can help you take your beer service & knowledge to the next level.

Chris Cohen is aN Advanced Cicerone with years of experience in craft beer. 


  • Chris is an Advanced Cicerone®. An extremely deep and well rounded knowledge of beer and service is required to pass the Advanced Cicerone® exam. The exam is administered by the Cicerone Certification Program and "Advanced Cicerone" is the third level of four. An Advanced Cicerone® is the equivalent of someone who has passed the "Advanced" level Court of Master Sommelier exam in the wine world, however, the term "sommelier" denotes a position at a restaurant, whereas a "Cicerone" is a certification and trademarked name. Anyone can say they're a beer sommelier, but only a Certified, Advanced, or Master Cicerone can call themselves a "Cicerone!" In order to pass the exam, an Advanced Cicerone® must have:

  1. Extremely detailed knowledge of retail beer storage and service issues.

  2. Excellent knowledge of modern beers and styles, beer history, and historical styles.

  3. High level ability in identifying flawed beers and the ability to recognize appropriate and inappropriate flavors in modern beer styles.

  4. An intensive understanding of beer ingredients and the brewing process.

  5. A strong ability to recommend good beer and food pairings and understanding of pairing principles.

  • Chris consults with fine San Francisco restaurants to help them create excellent beer menus containing a range of style options that will sell well and pair perfectly with their food menus. Chris will work with restaurant management to develop the beer menu on an ongoing basis, thereby giving the menu a consistently fresh seasonal twist, replacing beers that do not sell well, and keeping the menu up to date with rapidly changing craft beer trends. Chris is familiar with the vast libraries of draft and bottled beer offered by various distributors.


  • Chris trains restaurant and bar workers in the beer service skills necessary for any establishment that takes beverage service seriously. He can get your staff up to speed on how to talk about and describe your beer to customers, which beers to recommend with various dishes, how to properly pour beer from bottles and draft, how to properly store beer, how to keep your draft system properly cleaned, which glassware to use for various beer styles, and how to ensure your glassware is "beer clean." Chris can teach your staff everything they need to know to pass the Certified Beer Server® test and a whole lot more.


  • Formerly an attorney, Chris graduated in the top 1/3rd of his class from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in NYC, a top-tier law school. What this means for his clients and partners today is that they can count on him to be professional, organized, results-driven, and client-focused.


  • Chris has over a decade of event coordination and promotion experience. From his early days as a concert and club promoter in the 1990's to his current position as founder and President of the SF Homebrewers Guild, Chris has been successfully organizing and promoting events for over 15 years.


  • Chris is the founder and President of the SF Homebrewers Guild (SFHG). Founded in Feb 2012, the SFHG rapidly became San Francisco's biggest homebrew club. As of 2017, the SFHG boasts over 200 annual dues-paying members and a mailing list of nearly 1,000 local beer lovers. They hold monthly meetings at BareBottle Brewing.


  • Chris has organized dozens of craft beer oriented events for SF's beer geek community, including Homebrew Shares, AHA-BJCP registered beer competitions, and brewery tours.


  • Chris has taught many Bay Area homebrewers how to brew. He has taught at SF's famous Ferry Building for classes organized by the nonprofit organizations CUESA and Urban Kitchen SF.


Enjoying a fresh Houblon Chouffe IPA at Taverne de la Brasserie D'achouffe in Belgium.

Chris Cohen, Esq.
Advanced Cicerone & National BJCP Judge
Founder & Board Member, San Francisco Homebrewers Guild

I'm happy to meet with you to have a pint and discuss updating your bar or restaurant's beer menu, training your staff in proper beer service, teaching classes to prepare staff to pass Certified Beer Server exam (or even the second level Certified Cicerone exam), or organizing a beer tasting or beer dinner event. I'm always happy to talk beer, don't be shy!  


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